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Retirement is a Challenge for Everyone
But Only a Crisis for Some.

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Get a Federal Employee benefit analysis and see where you stand.


Married couples have 567 options when it comes to Social Security planning.


If you plan correctly, the government will continue to pay 2/3 of your FEHB in retirement.

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Do You Really Trust HR and OPM With Your Financial Future?

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FEGLI Option B increases in cost every 5 years, creating a 1000% increase from age 50 to age 60.

Did You Know?

Life doesn't go exactly as we plan. That's why it's critical to "stress test" your plan in order to visualize how it might hold up against the unexpected.

  • What if inflation is higher than expected?
  • What if taxes are higher (or lower) than expected?
  • What if your portfolio performs poorly early in retirement?
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  • What if interest rates go up?
  • What if you retire sooner or later than planned?
  • What if you get hit with a big unexpected expense?

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